Candidate calls for skills audit

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DJ online

Derry City Council should create a skills audit for the city, it has been claimed.

SDLP council candidate for the Moor area, Emmet Doyle, said he believes the local authority and partners should conduct such an audit to give a snapshot of the qualifications and skills that young people possess.

Mr Doyle said that this could help of economic benefit and help job creation in the city.

“It is my firm belief that in order to create high value jobs and bring forward investment from employers, we need to maximise our skills ability right throughout the city,” Mr Doyle said.

“I want Derry City Council and other partners to create a skills audit in the city to positively identify what skills and qualifications we are developing, and address obvious skill shortages that may be keeping large employers away from the city and towards Belfast and other areas.

“If we are to compete with other areas, we have to have an ace card such as skills and training capacity.

“If we are not creating the right skills base, particularly for our young people, or offering enough opportunity to learn key skills and upskill, then decisions have to be made.”

He added that the Skills Escalator, as part of the One Plan, was one avenue to achieve this, “and fits in with the work Pat Ramsey has been doing in terms of a tracking programme for young people who are not in employment, education or training”.