Councillor Jimmy Carr returns to Derry City Council

SDLP councillor Jimmy Carr.
SDLP councillor Jimmy Carr.

SDLP Councillor Jimmy Carr has returned to the Derry City Council benches after being disciplined by his party for making controversial remarks about a fellow councillor.

Councillor Carr caused consternation in February when he claimed he could not understand Scottish-born Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley and suggested that subtitles were needed to understand him.

He made the remarks following a row on Derry City Council over funding for the restoration of the Bogside Artists’ murals.

Councillor Carr made the comments on a social networking site and repeated them to the ‘Derry Journal’ and on local radio.

He was initially unrepentant and refused to apologise for the remarks. However within hours the SDLP issued an apology on his behalf and removed the party whip from the Derry councillor. He was also stripped of his position as chair of the City Council’s Environmental Services Committee.

Councillor Carr did not attend any public meetings of Derry City Council in the interim period.

He returned to the Council on Tuesday when he attended the monthly meetings of the Council’s Planning and Regional Services Committees. He did not speak at either meeting.