The way forward for local communities in Inishowen is to get out and do things for themselves.

Speaking with the Journal yesterday Teish Doherty, chairperson of the Colgan Heritage weekend, said Carndonagh had hosted their most successful event to date because the people had pulled together to make things happen.

Quite a few of the events were sold out and others had bigger crowds than anticipated.

Former school principal Mrs Doherty said in the midst of recession that has dragged down the spirits of many people it was important that the communities pulled together.

The former school principal said it was vital that the message going out was a positive one.

She said: “For all our visitors at the weekend Carndonagh looked splendid. The group which deserves great credit is the local Tidy Towns committee. And that was all about people getting up and doing something for their community.

“This year too we in the Colgan committee got those involved in the Men’s Shed project to bring their produce to Mariner’s old shop which we opened especially for the weekend. It got a marvellous response. One story too is that of a young man who had come forward some weeks back saying he was depressed, that there was nothing to do. It was suggested he join the Shed and learn skills. This same young man came back recently and said that it was ‘a life saver’.