Marian Price moved from Maghaberry

Old Bailey bomber Marian Price was moved from Maghaberry to the women’s prison at Hydebank outside Belfast just hours after a meeting of supporters campaigning for her release took place in Derry.

On Thursday night in Derry, a priest described her continuing detention as a form of internment.

The claim was “entirely refuted” by NI Secretary Owen Paterson, who revoked her release licence last May.

It’s believed the decision to move Ms. Price was taken on clinical advice from healthcare staff at the South Eastern Trust.

She was returned to prison last May after appearing at a dissident republican rally in Derry and has since been charged in connection with the murders of two soldiers at Masserene a charge she denies.

Speaking at Thursday night’s meeting, former prison chaplain Monsignor Raymond Murray said Mr Paterson’s decision had echoes of the past for nationalists.

“This is a form of internment,” said Monsignor Murray, who was prison chaplain in Armagh for almost 20 years.

Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey welcomed the decision to move Ms. Price.

He said: “This announcement must be a great relief to her family but questions still need to be answered about the circumstances surrounding her incarceration in the first place and why the health implications of her confinement were not addressed sooner.”