‘More houses the only way’ - Hassan

Sinn F�in councillor Tony Hassan.
Sinn F�in councillor Tony Hassan.

Sinn Féin councillor Tony Hassan has said new proposals on social housing will not reduce waiting lists.

Colr. Hassan was speaking after the publication of a report by academics at Cambridge and the University of Ulster on the review of the social housing allocation system in the North.

The Shantallow colr., who attended a public consultation event in the City Hotel on housing allocation on Thursday, said the current system is flawed.

“Whilst the authors of the report have suggested a number of different proposals on the allocation of social housing their main proposal of a system called choice based lettings which is used in England offers nothing to the thousands of people in housing need in fact it will add to their misery, to those waiting to be housed.

“This system does not work in areas of high demand and it also not does not take into account the particular problems we face in divided communities who are coming out of conflict.

“I have been very concerned that this report will gain weight within the Department of Social Development and be used to bypass the policy of housing need,” he said.

Colr. Hassan said building more houses is the only way to deal with the current crisis. “The only way you can effectively deal with overcrowding and long waiting lists is by building more houses and the Minister must address this by embarking on a new build scheme that will meet the current demand,” colr. Hassan said.