Renewed flags tension erupts in Limavady

Controversy over the flying of contentious flags in Limavady continues to fly on, as it was claimed residents are reluctant to speak out.

A number of local politicians have revealed residents living in and along the Edenmore Road area in the town have complained to them about the flags flying along the road.

Sinn Fein Councillor Anne Brolly said: “I’ve had complaints from unionists and nationalists, both stating their concerns and that it also devalues their property and they don’t need that, especially when times are hard.

“One man told me he reckons he will never get his house sold. I mean, who would want to come to live in an area where people are so entrenched.... where there is this whole business of marking out territory. It is off putting everyone.”

Colr. Brolly said people are reluctant to speak out publicly about the matter.

“People who disapprove should let their voices be heard and go to their elected representatives, especially those who can do something. So much for a shared future,” she said, “but one person coming out on their own, well they won’t do that because they are frightedned so they need elected politicians who can do it for them.”

Sinn Fein Colr. Sean McGlinchey said the only way to resolve any tension was by sitting down and talking about the matter, with all affected parties. “Once we got the Tricolours down from Ballyquin Road, Union and loyalist flags went up on Edenmore Road. That isn’t the way forward.” he said.