Robinson blasts scourge of dog fouling in Roe Valley

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DUP Councillor Alan Robinson has blasted pet owners who he says he’s sick, sore and tired of flouting the law by refusing to clean up after their animals.

In an impassioned plea for pet owners to take responsibility, he said there are no excuses for such conduct, “one where there is growing public concern at what is seen as anti-social and anti-community behaviour”.

“Every time I am out on the doors or speaking to people on the street they bring up the problem of dog mess on footpaths and grassed areas where children play and, the issue goes well beyond the urban centres and extends right into the countryside where our scenic rural walks and parks are being blighted in a similar manner. It’s not a unique problem to this borough but rather, is widespread throughout the province and beyond where concerns are rife over the health risks of dog mess,” he said, adding how dangerous dog foul can be particularly to children.

“The threat of fines, dog bins, warning signage, expensive online and media campaigns, even multi pack doggie bags at vastly reduced cost are all to no avail. We, as public representatives, periodically take to the press to try to drive the message home, but I’m honest enough to admit that I don’t have the answer to curbing this scourge; if I did I would quite possibly be the richest man in the UK!”