Special jobs task force is needed now - Dallat

SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has been informed by the Finance Minister Sammy Wilson that the most recent figures available show 3535 people are unemployed with 30 per cent of these in the category of 16-24 years old.

These figures are virtually the same as one year ago and two years ago, said Mr Dallat.

“The age group 16-24 is the worst, showing more than 1100 young people consistently without jobs over the last three years.

“At the other end of the spectrum the number of people who are 55+ and jobless is rising rapidly,” said the assemblyman.

No sense of crisis

Mr Dallat continued; “Unfortunately there is no sense of crisis within the Assembly Executive or among those Ministers who have responsibility for the economy and job creation.

“The recent announcement that 800 jobs could be transferred to Ballykelly must be tempered by the fact that there is still no business case detailing the options available and there is no provision for the estimated £26 million it will cost to provide a new headquarters.

“In addition over 300 people working in the Motor Tax Department in Coleraine are fighting to save their jobs.

“The SDLP call for a special task force involving all the key players is more valid today than it ever was and these unemployment figures underline that.”