‘Unity would improve living standards’ - economist

Economist Michael Burke. (1511MM08)
Economist Michael Burke. (1511MM08)
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Leading economist Michael Burke has said reunification is the only way to improve living standards across Ireland.

Mr Burke, a regular contributor to the ‘Guardian’ on economic matters, told the ‘Reuniting Ireland’ conference that unity makes financial sense.

“From a purely economic point of view I would say that if people want to improve their living standards they should get ready to support the reunification of the country,” he said.

Mr Burke also said unionists have been let down by partition. “In the run up to partition the unionists were told that if they stuck with the British empire they would be better off but what we can see conclusively is that they were sold a big fat lie,” he said.

The economist also said reunification would create the space for a new approach to how the economy is directed.