Youths scaling 20-foot fence - claim

Youths in Limavady are reportedly scaling a fence, at least 20 feet high, at the new 3G pitch in Limavady, writes Sheena Jackson.

That’s the reports coming to Limavaday councillor Gerry Mullan.

“It’s been brought to my attention there are difficulties there,” he said at a meeting last week. “Youths are climbing over the top of it to get in. People are concerned.”

Colr. Mullan said there were reports of youths gaining access to the pitch and “dragging goalposts about” and “up to all sorts of behaviour”.

UU Colr. Jack Rankin said if there were boys getting over this fence they “must be very big”.

Director of Development, Valerie Richmond said there were no complaints about youths climbing over the high fence.

One resident told the ‘Journal’ the lack of car parking for the pitch was a problem and said youths were accessing the pitch, easily, on various occasions through the smaller fence.