Quigley’s Point row ready to ignite again

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A row which divided an Inishowen community just last month, is certain to erupt again following the disclosure that two objections have been made against a childcare facility in Quigley’s Point.

The ‘Journal’ has learned that two objections have been made against Children’s Point Childcare Centre’s planning permission application in the past couple of days.

At the beginning of September representatives from Pobal and Donegal County Childcare facilitated discussions between Quigley’s Point Community Centre and Children’s Point Community Childcare.

The two childcare groups agreed to work together in the short term “to ensure that all children are provided with a safe and secure preschool experience” negotiating a temporary resolution regarding the current situation, according to a statement from DCC.

However on Thursday it was revealed that two objections were made against the playcare group, which is currently operating from the Quigley’s Point Community Centre, run by long-term childcare worker Milanda McCauley (pictured left) It is understood the complaints have now been lodged with An Bord Pleannla and it is believed it could take up to six months before a final decision on planning is made.

When contacted yesterday, Mrs. McCauley said she couldn’t comment at this time.

The village hit the headlines when Mrs. McCauley was said to have locked herself inside the building in protest against what she described as ‘an invalid termination’ of her lease by the board of directors at the Centre.

In a lengthy statement issued to the ‘Journal’ at the beginning of September, a spokesperson for CPCL, Nancy McCauley, said attempts by them over the weekend to find a “mutually acceptable resolution” had not been successful.

In a separate statement, the Quigley’s Point Community Centre Board of Directors and management committee described themselves as “angry and shocked” at the actions which took place that afternoon.

The row first came to the fore in April when the Board of Directors from Quigley’s Point Community Centre decided not to renew the lease of the Children’s Point Childcare Ltd which had been operating from the centre for many years.

In a statement to the ‘Journal’ in May a spokesperson said due to “intolerable strife arising out of lack of compliance” they hadmade a “choice to run the childcare service in our Centre” themselves.

Three new staff were employed to run the new Quigley’s Point Community Playgroup in July this year, and they have been running their group from the centre since September.