RAAD admit attack on police

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The armed group Republican Action Against Drugs has said it carried out the bomb attack on the PSNI in Derry on Saturday.

It’s the first time the group has admitted targeting the security forces and marks an escalation of its violent actions.

RAAD also said that such attacks would continue “as long as the security forces continue to victimise republican areas”.

The group said it used “a newly-developed explosive device” in the attack, and claimed that the area “was first secured to ensure there were no civilians nearby”.

The attack happened shortly before 5pm on Saturday during a PSNI search of a house in Creggan and badly damaged the front of a police jeep. The police said they were treating it as attempted murder.

In a statement issued yesterday, the group also said that Sinn Fein instigated recent arrests and searches.

The statement continued; “Sinn Fein are responsible for the upsurge in trouble in republican areas caused by the response to security force brutality.”

Sinn Fein have not commented on the claims.

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