Redshirts programme launches

The Redshirts at greater shantallow community arts. (2306SL01)
The Redshirts at greater shantallow community arts. (2306SL01)
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When you say the word ‘redshirt’ in Galliagh and Shantallow, everyone knows what you’re talking about - and it’s more than just a colourful t-shirt.

For the past eight years, the term has been synonymous with young people from across the city coming on board with Greater Shantallow Community Arts and in the process training, improving their social skills and contributing valuable volunteer hours to the local community.

Organiser and youth officer with GSCA, Marty McGranaghan is encouraging young people who want to get involved in the exciting six week programme to sign up quickly.

“I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity because I’ve seen the benefits of the Redshirts programme and how it helps the young people who get involved. We aim the programme at 14-24 year-olds and this year’s programme has a lot of teen events like social trips away and training which can be really useful in terms of gaining employment and going on to further education. For people in the 25+ bracket we have openings for youth motivators too so there’s no excuse not to get involved and find a great way to spend the summer.”

For David Harkin, from Galliagh, it’s the seventh year of being a redshirt, and he has no doubt of the impact it’s made on his life.

“It’s given me great teamwork skills and allowed me to develop communication and leadership skills which have been really helpful to me in my degree in sports.”

Fernabbey teenager Denise Coyle agrees. “I got involved two years ago and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it socially. It’s also been great giving me experience in working with children and I’m starting a qualification in childcare at the North West Regional College in September. I’d definitely encourage young people to sign up and get involved. It’s a great thing to be able to put on your CV.”

The Redshirts Active Youth Citizenship Programme takes place from July 8 - August 17.

For more information on this year’s Redshirts programme check out Facebook, telephone 71357443 or email