Search on for third victim

The flowers and a poignant letter  taped to the Foyle Bridge. 1903JM70
The flowers and a poignant letter taped to the Foyle Bridge. 1903JM70

A river-wide search was stepped up yesterday following reports that another person had plunged from Foyle Bridge.

Police confirmed yesterday morning that officers were “attending” to a new report of a body in the water in the River Foyle.

A massive cross-border search involving Foyle Search and Rescue and the Irish Coast Guard - which resumed for missing Dublin teenager Kieran McKeon (18) - was stepped up following the report of another incident.

An Irish coastguard helicopter was tasked to the scene, a spokesperson at Bangor coastguard station told the ‘Journal’. He said that air assistance was requested after it was reported that a male may have plunged from Foyle Bridge shortly after 7.30am.

Kieran McKeon went missing along with fellow Dubliner Alexandra O’Brien (21), whose body was recovered from the river on Thursday evening.

A heart-wrenching letter addressed to Alexandra, apparently written by her sister, was posted on a lamppost at Foyle Bridge. The two-page letter, which was accompanied by flowers, was signed “big sis Cella”.

“I wanted to protect you, love you, be that big sister and comfort you. Now I will never get that chance and it breaks my heart. My hopes and dreams are shattered,” it reads.

The letter adds that the sisters were separated at birth and had never met despite sending letters “backwards and forwards”.

Cella states: “I would travel to the end of the earth to rewind time, bring you back, push even harder to see you.”

She adds: “I am writing this letter that will never get a reply, I can’t help but wonder what if?”

“I know it wasn’t our faults that we were kept apart and our battle was running out of steam with no support to build a bridge between us, but I promise you I will never give up on our family, I will keep fighting and I’m asking for your support and guidance through this dark tunnel.

“Help me find the end of it all. I can’t believe this is the end of us,” the letter adds.