Second UFO alert in Derry

A Pennyburn man has contacted the Journal reporting to have seen an unidentified flying object over the River Foyle on Monday night.

He said he saw a saucer-shaped object "the size of a people carrier" flying above the river near the Fort George site at around 10.10pm.

"I was looking out my bedroom window when I noticed an object in the air. It seemed to be hovering over the Foyle River. It was about 80 feet in the air and it had a red orange glow from it.

"Then within seconds it moved very fast to the right, in the direction of the city. It then speeded up and disappeared.

"I was all excited, calling my sisters to come and witness what I seen. I didn't believe it at first and I came downstairs and to tell my mum and dad about what I saw."

The man said his mother recalled a Journal article about a UFO sighting in the Prehen area of Derry in May.

He sent an email to the Journal, giving his name and contact number, wondering if anyone else had seen the object.

"Strange to say the least, has anybody else seen anything????"

The man has now asked not to be identified after the reaction from people he's spoken to about the sighting.

"It hasn't been overwhelmingly supportive," he said. "I don't want people to think I'm mad. But I know what I saw, it was definitely there. It began moving fast and got even faster - it was only there for a few seconds."

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