Security alert over

A security alert in Derry has ended.

Police say nothing untoward was found after staff at the Specsavers store in Ferryquay Street received a telephone warning this morning.

Parts of the city centre had been cordoned off during the alert.

SDLP councillor Martin Reilly said the alert was shameful.

“This is the second time a business has been targeted by terrorists in Derry city centre which is totally shameful,” he said.

“Traders trying to make an honest living, drawing people to our city and creating employment for people here, should not be intimidated in this way.

“This bomb alert is also likely to disrupt the Foyle Cup parade which was set to display and celebrate some of the positive aspects of our city. This is a stark contrast to those responsible for this incident who have so wonderfully displayed that they have nothing to offer.”

Sinn Fein councillor Michael Cooper said those responsible had achieved nothing.

“There are those out there that believe that their actions are forwarding the cause of Irish freedom yet all they have succeeded in doing is to spoil a colourful and fun parade by the participants of the Foyle Cup and closing down a section of the city, therefore, putting jobs at risk.

“The people behind these actions need to take a step back and ask if their actions over the past thirteen years have been productive in moving us towards an united Ireland. The answer is no and the fact is that they have actually become an obstacle in bringing about reunification.

“These groups have constantly been rejected by the vast majority of republican people across Ireland and have now resorted to causing disruption to a children’s parade in order to remain in the headlines.

“These groups must also face the fact that the town will continue to flourish, the Foyle Cup and other festivals will continue and the people will continue to reject them so they should call an immediate halt to their actions.”

The alert ended at around 12:30pm