Skeoge Road to open in March

News that Derry's new Skeoge Road will be officially opened on March 20 has been warmly welcomed by the Galliagh Residents' Association.

Tommy Mullan, speaking on behalf of the Residents’ Association, told the ‘Journal’: “We have campaigned for the Skeoge Road for over thirteen years and news that the road will finally be opened on March 20 is great news for the people of Galliagh. We have been waiting for this for a long, long time.”

Mr Mullan praised the Galliagh Residents’ Association and all those who campaigned for the link road, including SDLP MLA Mary Bradley, for their perseverance.

“After such a long wait for residents, the Skeoge Road will take the heavy traffic off the roads around our communities and ease congestion, especially around the Glengalliagh Road area. This is very welcome news for all of us.”

However, Mr Mullan still envisages a problem with the traffic around Ballyarnett Village despite the advantages of the new link road.

“Roads Service have to sit down and consider the impact of the new link road on the roundabout at Ballyarnett and Madams Bank Road. We think this will still be a big problem and will still suffer from a huge build-up of traffic around school times,” he added.