So who are we?

Is a Derryman with long hair and a Celtic shirt, a fair representation of our city?

Is a Derryman with long hair and a Celtic shirt, a fair representation of our city?

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So just ‘Who are we?’ That is the question being posed by Ilex who have asked for suggestions for a time capsule which they intend to bury below the parade ground at Ebrington.

Ilex state; “Items should give an idea of city life in 2012 and the events that shaped us. As the square opens on Valentine’s Day, we’d also like the public to tell us what they love about their city.”

Is this a fair representation of Derry?

Is this a fair representation of Derry?

We thought we’d give it a go. So will we put in certificates to prove our higher than average A level results, a recording of the best recitals Féis Dhoíre Cholmcílle has to offer, perhaps we should celebrate our rich sporting heritage with photographs of our footballers, boxers, world champion powerlifter, athletes and swimmers.

Maybe we could marry the truth with how we want to see ourselves, one facebooker ‘Lex Steel’ suggests; “A go faster stripe for a car to celebrate our city’s rich Corsa culture. B&Q car park all a way boss!”

Or if we really want to be honest about the current state of Post-Saville Derry, other facebookers suggested perhaps we could include two blue WKD in a blue bag, a beaten bookie docket with four greyhounds and Man U scribbled on it, the Derry Diocesean report, a sausage roll bap, an image of our ‘politically’ defaced 400 year old world famous City walls, a motorway free road map of Derry or some shrapnel from a dissident attack on the culture office.

We put the question to you on our Facebook page and other answers included a lock of Paddy McCourt’s hair, Eamonn McBride and Nadine or Liam Coyle’s greatest hits.

Facebook’s Georgie Keddy had probably the best suggestion echoing the Journal’s own Claire Allan’s idea; “With all the creative talent in this city, maybe we could all send our pieces of art, literature, craft, etc on a usb pen, and definitely a copy of that day’s Journal, and perhaps a prediction style front page of the Journal, an artist perception of the future, see how right we are.”

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