St. Mary’s teacher wins top award

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St. Mary’s College teacher, Gavin Molloy, has won a prestigious award for education today.

Mr. Molloy, who has been teaching at the school for the last 20 years, was awarded a Silver Teaching Award in the category for Outstanding use of Technology in Education.

Mr. Molloy, who is a technology and engineering teacher at the school, was unaware that he had won the prize until he was summoned to a meeting by school Principal Marie Lindsay.

“I was in total shock - I walked into the room and it was full of past and present colleagues, members of the Board of Governors, the Mayor of Derry and Mrs. Lindsay - I can’t believe I won, I don’t think it has sunk in,” said Mr. Molloy.

The award now means that Mr. Molloy goes forward to the national finals which are due to be televised from London in October.

“It’s great for Gavin and it’s great for the school,” said school Principal Marie Lindsay.

“Gavin’s teaching is infectious and I am delighted he has got the recognition he deserves.”

Mr. Molloy’s wife, Paula, who is also a teacher at the school is currently off on maternity leave after giving birth to their third child. In a bid to make sure she attended the ceremony, the school contacted her and asked her to come in and help out with some paper work.

“My wife had no idea either but I am just so thankful to the school for organising this. It’s so wonderful and I still don’t think it has sunk in.”

See this Sunday’s Journal for full reaction to Mr. Gavin Molloy’s award.




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