Swap the fags for swag on No Smoking Day

Derry smokers are being urged to use next week’s No Smoking Day to quit and ‘save a packet.’

The Public Health Agency (PHA), Cancer Focus Northern Ireland and British Heart Foundation (BHF) Northern Ireland have joined forces to call on local smokers to ‘swap fags for swag’ next Wednesday (March 13), count how much cash they could save if they quit- and improve their health at the same time.

Dr Eddie Rooney, Chief Executive of the PHA, said: “The health benefits of quitting are considerable, and the financial boost means it makes even more sense. The amount of money a 30-a-day smoker could save in just one year would buy nearly 700 cinema tickets, a luxury holiday or a new kitchen.”

For information and useful tips to stop smoking, log on to the PHA’s ‘Want 2 Stop’ website www.want2stop.info and order a ‘Quit Kit’ free of charge.