Syria: Creggan family’s concerns over son’s whereabouts

Eamon Bradley purpotedly on horseback in the Middle East.

Eamon Bradley purpotedly on horseback in the Middle East.

The family of a Creggan man have expressed their concerns over their son’s whereabouts.

Eamon Bradley is believed to have been in the Middle East for a number of months now after internet pictures surfaced puportedly showing him in Syria.

One of Mr Bradley’s brothers has said the family believe “he must have been brainwashed” and the family “tried to stop him, but there was nothing we could do.”

He insisted Eamon “is a good fella” and not an extremist. He got into the Bible first and then the Qur’an. He was obviously taken advantage of,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Eamon Bradley told his parents he was heading to Turkey for a two-week holiday and travelled on his Irish passport via Dublin. But it is believed that he met up with a contact he had made online in Turkey who facilitated his passage into Syria.

Images on his Facebook page indicate a strong interest in Islam. One picture shows him on horseback having grown a beard and wearing combat gear and a headdress. Another shows him kneeling in a shelter with AK-47 assault style rifles bundled in front of him.




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