Tears and tension at Leaving results

Aoife Hegarty, left, and Emma Cavanagh delighted with their leaving cert results at Moville Community College. (1908PG21)
Aoife Hegarty, left, and Emma Cavanagh delighted with their leaving cert results at Moville Community College. (1908PG21)

Anxiety, nerves, tears, smiles, joy and tension are just some of the emotions felt by more than 400 of Inishowen’s youth on Wednesday morning with the release of the Leaving Cert Results.

A short stroll around Carndonagh Community School grounds quickly brought back memories of my own result day, and I think everyone who went through seven gruelling leaving cert exams will always hold dear - mostly! - the memories of the day they received their results.

But now seven years on from the day I received the famous results, it was the turn of some 400 plus 17 and 18-year-olds in Inishowen, who certainly weren’t alone on their special day. In Carndonagh, proud parents, and even a pet dog, waited, either in spirit or on the other end of a mobile phone, as their children emerged from getting their results will smiles of relief on their face. Pride is a word I think every parent can relate with on this day.

However once the results next comes the inevitable what happens next question. Two students I spoke with said they were confident about the future.

Carn student Teresa Mullen happily announced she had got what she wanted and was off to Jordanstown.

However another admitted she would have to repeat, but was nonetheless happy with her achievements as she had expected she would be returning to the school for another year.

Jumping for joy

In Buncrana Crana College students literally jumped for joy when they got the results with one girl announcing loudly she did much better than expected.

While at Scoil Mhuire, students waited nervously to receive their results with teachers taking time to talk to everyone about their options.

Options is something important to always remember because despite what your results are you always have options as one Moville teacher commented: “Not everyone gets it first time, I left school young myself and went back and became a mature student.”

Moville Community College principal, Anthony Duggan said happily how he was delighted and proud of all of his 90 students who completed the Leaving Cert.

“We’ve some excellent results and no disasters so I’m happy with that.”

One girl who certainly exceeded expectations was Moville girl Emma Cavanagh who was so overcome with emotion at her results she couldn’t hold back the tears.

But now it’s all over the results are out and the five or six years of hard work is all over, but whether your results are good bad or indifferent all of the teenagers who took the exam deserve the biggest slap on the back.

And rest assured, the hard work is over and it does get easier from here on in! Well done.