Threats against Derry’s Community Safety Wardens ‘sickening’

Threats issued against Community Safety Wardens in Derry have been condemned by local politicians.

The wardens are employed by Derry City Council in a bid to reduce anti-social activity in high-risk areas across the city.

Sinn Fein councillor Paul Fleming said the threat, delivered through a community worker, was a “sinister development” and the latest in a long line of threats issued against various groups and individuals across the city and district.

He said the Community Safety Warden scheme had been “very successful”, adding: “The group behind these threats need to lift them immediately and the people who give them political cover need to explain the rationale behind them.

“It is unacceptable that the community safety wardens cannot get on to providing the service that they were designed to do and that the entire community is being held under threat by an minority unrepresentative grouping.”

The SDLP’s Gerard Diver said the community safety wardens worked hard and, often, in difficult circumstances.

“Any threat made against them is wholly unjustifiable and should be condemned outright by every right-thinking person in our city and district, and should also be withdrawn immediately,” he said.

“The wardens work consistently, dealing with anti-social behaviour in our community, which brings many benefits, including the reduction of the fear of crime among the elderly and vulnerable.”

This is a view shared by his party colleague Councillor Shauna Cusack who said: “I was totally dumbfounded and sickened to hear of this threat. I know and work with these brave, hardworking individuals personally and I cannot understand the mentality of those issuing these threats.

“They make this city a safer place, quite the opposite of what these mindless individuals are trying to achieve.”