Touring bus joins Derry anti-munitions protest

A touring bus warning people against cluster bombs joined a protest outside Derry-based munitions company, Raytheon, this week.

The Cluster Munitions Coalition's Ban Bus joined the Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign (FEIC) at the Science & Technology Park site on Wednesday.

The bus is touring Ireland to raise public awareness about cluster bombs and was invited to Derry by FEIC and Children In Crossfire.

The protest comes on the eve of a major international conference in Dublin this month focusing on banning lethal munitions.

John Rodsted, an Australian photo journalist, and Mette Eliseussen, a Norwegian sociologist, addressed Wednesday night's vigil as well as visiting schools and St Columb's Park House this week.

A spokesperson from Children in Crossfire said cluster bombs often lay undetonated long after a war until disturbed by their unsuspecting victim.

"The colourful soft-drinks size devices often attract the attention of children. They are extremely volatile and explode when handled. Cluster munitions kill more innocent people than landmines because there is no international legal obligation on those who use such weapons to clear them up afterwards. Men woman and children are still being killed and injured by these weapons and we should not tolerate this," she said.