Anger at change on Creggan to Altnagelvin hospital bus route


Local councillors have expressed concern at changes on the Creggan to Altnagelvin Hospital bus route.

Changes to the route have meant that passengers are no longer dropped off at the door of the hospital and are instead dropped on the main road.

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly said; “Passengers now get left off on the main road outside the hospital as the bus goes on to accommodate the park and ride facility at Drumahoe. I have been told by constituents who have contacted me that people looking to get back over to the city centre and onwards to Creggan now have to cross to the opposite side of the very busy carriageway to get the bus.

“I contacted Translink management in Derry looking for an explanation why this has happened to just the Creggan route. The response I was given is that there is an obligation to provide services to the park and ride in Drumahoe and that the number of people who use the Creggan to Hospital bus service is low, and that there is no plan for this route to be brought back in the near future.

“I would urge Translink to review this decision immediately. Not everyone has a car or can afford other forms of transport to get them to the front door of the hospital.”

Colr. Jim Clifford said he has been approached by a number of local residents regarding the bus to Altnagelvin and how it no longer stops inside the hospital grounds. “This means people going to visit patients or attending outpatients have to walk, sometimes through the rain, up to the main hospital. To get the return bus, they now have to cross over four lanes of traffic to get to the bus stop.”