Call for review at busy Buncrana Road junction

Sinn F�in's Sanfra Duffy at the junction on the Buncrana Road. (1504MM13)
Sinn F�in's Sanfra Duffy at the junction on the Buncrana Road. (1504MM13)

A Sinn Féin candidate has called for traffic calming measures to be introduced at a junction on one of the busiest roads in the city.

Sandra Duffy said residents living near the junction of Whitehouse Road and Buncrana Road have raised concerns about road safety.

“I am calling on DRD Road Service to have an urgent review of this junction and put in place additional safety measures as soon as possible,” she said.

“The Buncrana Road is a fast moving road for traffic which sees thousands of vehicles a day. Its junction with the Whitehouse Road and Upper Galliagh is perilous at times. It’s a nightmare for drivers to exiting either road out onto the Buncrana Road and there isn’t a day goes by there isn’t near accidents occurring. People are also unsure of who has the right of way,” she added. Ms Duffy also said traffic calming can’t wait until major upgrade work takes place.

“It could be years before the Buncrana Road is upgraded to a modern standard so in the meantime there needs to be new high visibility road markings and additional road safety signage put in place as an interim measure,” she said.