Concern road used as ‘race track’

Limavady councillor Alan Robinson met with residents in the Meadowvale Park area of the town to address the road safety concerns of the residents.

“The residents have been in contact with me for some time now with regard to a number of road safety issues in the area. The greatest concern is the very small number of inconsiderate drivers who use the area as a race track. While engaging in this anti-social behaviour, they do not understand that this highly residential area has children and older people living in it. Both of these groups are at particular risk from speeding drivers and residents are afraid that mixing speed and the demographic of the area could result in tragedy” stated Cllr Robinson.

“We have approached Roads Service in writing seeking a solution to this situation and the provision of salt boxes in the vicinity as well as contacting the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy seeking his help in finding a resolution. To date we have been informed the area fails to meet DRD criteria. On behalf of all the residents I urge drivers using the area to be mindful of the residential nature of Meadowvale Park.

“I do not want to have to be visiting a family who have lost a member due to an eminently solvable problem,” concluded Colr. Robinson.