Twelfth traffic and travel

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The PSNI have issued the following advice ahead of the Orange Order’s twelfth demonstration in Derry tomorrow.

Parade Routes and Times

A number of bands will assemble at 09:30 hrs in John Street and parade into the Fountain via:- Carlisle Square & Wapping Lane.

At 9.45am further bands will assemble at the Fountain and parade to the Memorial Hall on Society Street via:- Wapping Lane > Carlisle Square > Carlisle Road > Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (anti-clockwise) >Bishop Street >Palace Street >Society Street.

10:00 hrs Memorial Hall, Society Street, assembly and parade to May Street via:- Society Street >Bishop Street >The Diamond (clock-wise) >Ferryquay Street >Carlisle Road >Carlisle Square >Craigavon Bridge >Spencer Road >Clooney Terrace >Glendermott Road >Bond Street >May Street.

11:30 hrs May Street (Main Parade) to move off at 12:00 noon sharp to Wilton Park on Limavady Road via:- Limavady Road >Dales Corner >Clooney Terrace >Spencer Road >Craigavon Bridge >Carlisle Road >Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (anti-clockwise) >Bishop Street >London Street >Hawkin Street >Kennedy Place >Kennedy Street >Wapping Lane >Craigavon Bridge >Spencer Road >Clooney Terrace >Glendermott Road >Bond Street >May Street >Limavady Road >Wilton Park.

Return Parade

4.15pm approximately Wilton Park, Limavady Road >May Street >Bond Street, Limavady, Macosquin and Coleraine Lodges (29 bands) will then turn left:- Glendermott Road, dispersal at Rossdowney Park (buses), the remainder will parade will turn right:- Glendermott Road >Clooney Terrace, No 2 District (3 bands) will turn left (Ulster Bank):- Union Street >Glendermott Road > dispersal at Rossdowney Park (buses), No 5 District (4 bands) will turn left (Ulster Bank):- Union Street >Glendermott Road >dispersal in Bond Street (buses).

The remainder of the parade will continue along:- Clooney Terrace >Spencer Road, No 3 District (4 bands) will turn left on Victoria Road;- They will parade for several hundred yards and disperse at their awaiting buses, City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge officers and 3 “City Lodges” (4 bands) will continue along:- Craigavon Bridge >Carlisle Square >Carlisle Road >Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (clock-wise) >Bishop Street >Palace Street >Society Street to Memorial Hall, The City Grand Orange Lodge Officers will disperse at The Memorial Hall, Victoria and Britannia Lodges will continue into the Fountain via London Street >Hawkin Street >Kennedy Place, for dispersal at approximately 5.30pm.