UFO fever sweeps city

More 'Journal' readers have come forward to report strange goings-on in Derry's night skies.

In the latest sighting a Derry man, who does not wish to be named, saof he saw "a bright orange light followed by a small white dot" in the sky over Bishop Street at around 8:15pm on Saturday. He said the light moved at such speed and in such a fashion that it could definitely not be a plane, nor Chinese lanterns.

"It was like nothing I have ever seen before," he told the 'Journal', " it was a baffling sight."

Saturday night's sighting of strange phenomena over Derry is just the latest eyewitness account of strange phenomena in the skies.

Last week 'Journal' carried that story of an eyewitness who saw "a traffic light red object ,shaped like a stealth bomber." More star gazers have now come forward.

He said he has never seen "anything like it before."

Another eyewitness said she had a similar experience last weekend in the skies over Culmore.

" It was fascinating," she said. "We are well used to airplanes here but this was definitely something different. It was bright red, totally silent and moving incredibly fast. It shot up through the night sky and out of sight," she said.

Online 'Journal' readers have also been recording their experiences of the silent bright red light - dating back some months - at derryjournal.com

Have you seen anything that you can't explain in the skies over Derry? Leave us a comment below