Unite members lay wreath outside social security offices

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Local members of Unite in the Community laid a wreath outside a medical examination centre in Derry this afternoon.

The building outside which the wreath was placed is used by the Social Security Agency (SSA) to determine whether welfare claimants are fit to work or not.

The building is located on the Strand Road.

Chairperson of the Strabane branch of Unite in the Community, Michael McLaughlin, was flanked by members from Derry, Strabane and right across the North West as he delivered his speech to mark International Workers’ Day.

Mr. McLaughlin said the reason why the group took the decision to place a floral wreath outside the SSA offices on the Strand Road was because they wanted to remember all of the people who have “suffered as a result” of SSA’s methods.

“It is important that the pain and suffering inflicted on the most vulnerable in our communities by ATOS and the current Con/Dem government be remembered. Many people from Derry/Londonderry, Strabane and, indeed, across Northern Ireland have been driven deeper into poverty, have had their disability or illness made worse through stress and even died due to the draconian nineteenth century methods used by ATOS to assess the sick and disabled.

Mr McLaughlin continued, “By remembering the pain and suffering inflicted on our communities by ATOS on International Workers Memorial Day we are sending a clear message that Unite the Union Community Membership will not tolerate attacks on the living standards of the working class should they come from Westminster, Dublin or Stormont, they will be opposed.”




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