VIDEO - Anti-speeding video

Waiting for Video...

A new anti-speeding video from the Department of the Environment is available to watch on

Minister for the Environment, Mark H. Durkan, launched the video and his anti-speeding campaign in Derry last Friday afternoon.

The advert was first broadcast on television on Monday evening.

The premise of the video is that since 2000 a classroom full of children of primary school age have been killed on the roads here as a result of speeding.

The advert is very hard hitting but Minister Durkan believes if it makes motorists thing twice about speeding then it will have been a success.

“I don’t accept that the target of zero deaths on our roads is not achievable.

“Speeding is a choice motorists make and I hope that when they see this advert it will show the tragedy and devastation speeding on our roads can bring,” he said.




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