Video: Bill Clinton - ‘Finish the job’

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President Bill Clinton has honoured Nobel Laureate John Hume.

Speaking in Guildhall Square just moments ago Mr Clinton said he was so happy his great friends, John and Pat Hume were with him today.

The crowd broke into applause as Mr Clinton mentioned John Hume’s name.

“I can’t believe it’s been almost 21 years since I first came here,” he said.

“I was the first ever American president to come here. This is my eighth or ninth visit here.

“Never underestimate the impact that this small place has had on the world because of the peace agreement.”

He also told the crowd: “we have to finish the job” and “embrace the past, not be hindered by it.”

He continued:“I thank Mayor Reilly for making me feel welcome and the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness for being here.”

He joked that he felt quite intimidated in 1995 speaking in Derry in front of 25,000 people with the Derry cannons facing him.

“I am honoured to be back here today. Your Peace Bridge is new, it is very beautiful. I visited Ebrington and walked over the Peace Bridge that brings the two communities together.

“I thank all those who have worked so hard for peace over the years.”

There was a colourful moment when Clinton’s speech was interrupted by a heckler who asked him: ‘What about Iraq?’

During his speech Mr Clinton also spoke passionately about the influence Nelson Mandela has had on practicing inclusivity in government.




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