VIDEO - Minister Mark H. Durkan launches new anti-speeding campaign in Derry

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A shocking new advert aimed at reducing the number of deaths of people on the roads in the North of Ireland was launched by Department of the Environment Minister, Mark H. Durkan, in Derry’s Brunswick Moviebowl earlier today.

The adverts’ premise is the shocking statistic that 28 primary school aged children have been killed on the roads here as a result of speeding since 2000.

The advert, which will be first broadcast on UTV on Monday evening at 9.25pm, shows a young male driver readying himself for work. Then the camera cuts to a primary school class on a field trip.

The young male driver is driving too fast around a bend, loses control of his car and spins off the road and the car hurtles into the middle of the group of young children.

The packed theatre was left in silence after watching the advert and Minister Mark H. Durkan said it was his hope the the advert could help towards achieving the target of zero deaths on the roads.

“I don’t accept that the target of zero deaths on our roads is not achievable.

“Speeding is a choice motorists make and I hope that when they see this advert it will show the tragedy and devastation speeding on our roads can bring.”

SDLP MLA, Durkan took the decision to postpone the airing of the advert, which was due to go out on UTV tonight, after the death of a five year-old boy in a road traffic collision in Belfast yesterday.

“I would appeal to many of the young people at this special screening here today. They will be sitting their driving tests in the next few years and it’s important they realise that even a five per cent increase in your average speed can increase the possibility of death on our roads by 20 per cent - it’s a shocking statistic and I would hope that this new DOE advert would make people think twice before speeding,” he said.




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