Video - Recycling plant blaze reignited this morning

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The blaze at Peak Environmental Recycling Plant in Campsie has reignited this morning.

Fire fighters battled the blaze throughout Tuesday and Wednesday and finally doused the fire at around teatime yesterday.

However, the fire reignited this morning and fire and rescue service personnel were again tasked to the scene.

A spokesperson for the NIFRS told the Journal that the incident was “dealt with” in a little over an hour.

“The initial fire that started on Tuesday and was dealt with at 6.45pm on Wednesday.

“We received a call to at 8.08am, today with reports of reignition of the fire but this incident was dealt with at 9.34am this morning.”

Several explosions were heard at the site on Tuesday after a number of buildings containing large quantities” of diesel, plastic, cardboard and several gas cylinders became engulfed in the fire.

The spokesperson said it was “too early to tell the cause of the fire”.

A 200 metre exclusion zone was set up and local residents were advised to close their windows and doors following the outbreak of the blaze on Tuesday morning.




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