VIDEO - Rosemount nursery help out little Payton

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The parents of a four year-old Derry girl diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) have said the help and support they have received from Rosemount Nursery School has changed their lives for the better.

Sinead and Adrian McKeever spoke to The Sunday Journal on Friday while attending a special fundraiser for their daughter, Payton, at the nursery in Helen Street.

“Words cannot explain how happy the staff and other wee boys and girls at this school have made Payton,” said Sinead.

“This time last year, Payton was not able to talk but since she joined the nursery she is starting to say a few words and she is starting to make progress.

“Payton will stay on at the school for another but she is doing well,” smiled Sinead.

GDD is a condition which can impact upon the speed at which a child develops their ability to speak, see and walk etc.

Rosemount Nursery Co-ordinator, Cathy Campbell, said the school decided to host Friday’s event because they wanted to show Payton and her family that they were not alone.

“Payton is the most lovely wee girl,” said Cathy emotionally.

“She is full of life and she brings out the best in all of the other children. They might be young but they all look out for her and make sure she is okay.

“The staff at the nursery are delighted to be able to do something for Payton, Sinead and Adrian. The last time we checked we had raised almost £700 and that will go towards the Family Fund which helps children with disabilities all over the UK.

“Payton will spend another year at the school and to be honest with you I love having her here.”




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