We want your pictures

We are relaunching our reader’s pics and hope that you will help us compile a selection of great photos.

To get the ball rolling we are pleased to run this slideshow of some of the best reader’s pics you sent us over the years - and hope that will spur you on to take some even better shots.

Butlers Glen, Inishowen, Donegal (0106JF05)

Butlers Glen, Inishowen, Donegal (0106JF05)

So if you capture a great photo, we are hoping you’ll want to share it with us.

It might be from a family day out, or a sunset over the Foyle, or one of the city’s iconic landmarks - anything that really captures life in the North West - you get the picture!

There’s no limits on what you can send us.

We’ll run the best pictures both in the paper and online at derryjournal.com - giving your photos both a local and worldwide audience.

To send us your pic please email editorial@derryjournal.com and remember to include a brief caption as well as your name and address.