Welfare cuts protests continue

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Protests against benefit cuts are to continue in Derry.

Organised by the People Before Profit Alliance, the protests have been held in Waterloo Place on each of the last two Thursdays.

A PBPA spokesman says the protests against cuts to disability and housing benefits will continue.

“We will be back in Waterloo Place this Thursday - and the Thursday after that and the Thursday after that,” the spokesman says.

“What the Tory-led government is doing to people with disabilities and people dependent on benefits to keep a roof over their heads is despicable.

“We hope to see these protests build up. We will welcome support from other political organisations, trades unionists and community groups. We need a mass movement committed to militant action.

“One reason for protesting under the TV screen at Waterloo Place is that the Paralympics begin in a fortnight. One of the main sponsors is Atos - the very outfit hired to ‘reassess’ everyone on disability benefits and to meet the Tory targets for cutting people off. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

“Atos’s logo will be shown every day on the big screen. We will be on the street below, showing Atos up.

“The number of homeless in the Derry area is rising again. So are the numbers of people with disabilities who are being hounded off benefit

“We urge people to join us on Thursdays between 12.30pm and 1.30pm - even if they can only manage 10 minutes during lunch-hour.”