Where are they now? John Doherty

Below is a request for information about John Doherty, submitted to us by Veronica Hale, who now lives in California........

Hello, I am trying to get in contact with my third cousin John Doherty.

I know there are many John Dohertys in Derry. The one I am looking for should be late forties or early fifties.

He spent time in the Kesh in the late 70’s early eighties. I visited him in Derry in the late 80’s and he and his friend Sean came to visit me in Fairfield CA in the early nineties and in Palm Springs CA in the early eighties.

We wrote to each other a lot when he was in the gaol, He wrote on aerograms in tiny tiny print.

Our grandmothers were sisters. My grandmothers maiden name was Annie Robinson. John’s parents and siblings all lived in Derry as well, and he has a brother named Gerald that I met. Or maybe it was Gerrard.

My name is Veronica Hale, nickname is Cookie. My grandfather also is from Derry, his name was Tom McCallion but he is long dead now, as is my mother, Veronica McCallion, who lived at 36 Francis Street, which is now a bar.

My address is 1048 Peppertree Drive, Fairfield CA 94533. My email is ladmo2@aol.com. I have tried to find John on Facebook but there are so many John Dohertys it is almost impossible! He was medium stocky build, and shaved his head bald.

Can you help? Thank you.

Veronica (Cookie)