Wooden O at The Playhouse

Derry’s Playhouse is offering local Shakespeare fans the chance to help mould a European project on the bard’s Henry the V.

The International Culture and Arts Network (ICAN) are teaming up with emerging French Theatre Company, Le Bouc sur le Toit are seeking local opinions and ideas for the project.

A two day playwriting workshop, entitled ‘Wooden O’ will take place on Wednesday 22 and Friday 24 February from 10.30- 1.30 at The Playhouse.

“The text of Henry the V is thought of as a guideline, but the process will be about challenging it by questioning how it “works”, rhetorically, how it produces this figure of a “great king”, a great leader” Luc Guiol, of Le Bouc sur le Toit said.

Mr. Guiol wil be joined in Derry by French director Virginie Berthier and set designer Juliette Morel.

Using themes in text, the team will work with local participants to explore the representations of strangers and /or enemies, political rhetoric, and nationalism.

Mr. Guiol said: “We will therefore work on exerpts of the play and confront them with our modern political, cultural and economical world through improvisations, journalistic texts, marketing-orientated visual art as well as ‘artistic’ ones.”

Derry’s Elaine Forde, ICAN project co-ordinator said: “I just love the fact that a Parisian Theatre Company are encouraging us to contextualize one of Shakespeare’s most noted history plays within the local setting, encouraging us to create a whole new contemporary adaptation.”

“This is a really special chance for the local community to get involved with a visionary European project.”

The two day ‘Wooden O’ playwriting workshop with Le Bouc sur le Toit will take place at The Playhouse on Wednesday 22 and Friday 24 February from 10.30- 1.30pm.

To participate contact Elaine Forde at (028)71268027 or email Elaine@derryplayhouse.co.uk.