Bin there, do this


I’ve just sent the following note to the City Engineer, Mr J. Kelpie, and it may be of some interest to Journal readers -

“Dear Sir,

I refer to your letter, addressed to householders in the Rosemount area, of 02/05/2012. In it you say that - ‘after 23/05/2012, the City Council will only collect grey or blue refuse bins.’ By implication, no other coloured bin will be collected.

While I appreciate that there may be an aesthetic uniformity to this policy, it will put some hard-pressed ratepayers to the expense of buying a new bin. I would suggest that, as bins are colour coded to differentiate their contents, it should be agreed that only blue bins should contain recyclable waste, and that bins of all other colours can contain landfill waste.

In this way, fewer ratepayers would be put to extra expense. While this may appear to be yet another whinging letter from someone with too much time on their hands, I would point out that a new bin costs in excess of £30.”


Michael O’Hara

26 Florence Street,

BT48 0HA.