Curious galoots, these Cardinals


Time was when the Derry Journal was seen as a Catholic publication and Irish Nationalist in outlook, affording possibly the only source of its kind the Catholics of Derry had. Alas that is not so today. The Derry Journal is neither Catholic nor Irish.

It might be said that Derry is now in a ‘secular’ world but ‘secular’ is a convenient word for ‘pagan’. When the Derry Journal gives paid acess to Eamonn McCann to rant and rave against the Catholic Church, then one might be tempted even to despair. With arrogance and bitterness he actually attacks the Cardinals of the Church and fell short of the Pope. Some dictionaries do not have the word ‘Galoots’, which passes as slang.

It might be said that freedom of speech is necessary but not at the expense of ordinary people’s principles and sensitivity. One wonders what was the thinking, if any, of the owners of the Derry Journal in allowing Eamonn McCann scope to give vent to his pettiness and smallness of mind to the people of Derry, while expecting them to continue their support in circulation and readership. Nazism succeeded because good people did nothing and left it to others to succeed!


Rev Bernard J Canning,

St Ninian’s Presbytery,