I was born a hermaphodite


I live overseas but I read your paper on-line.The story 'I'm not your aunt - I'm your sister' was very moving and I’m glad to see that things are changing over there.

As for me, I have been in exile well over 35 years due to family prejudices. I come from a small village outside Derry and I was born a true hermaphrodite.

It was fine for the first 14 years as my family brought me up as a boy, but when I started to develop girl features (breasts etc) they decided it was time for me to leave the roost and move into the city.

As time passed it was obvious that I was not going to be able to hide that I was a girl so therefore when I became 18 years-old I had to move further away, overseas.

I came back once, about a year after moving away, but since I became a fully-developed woman I have never been back and to this day my family still feel very strongly that I should never return to my village or anywhere near it.

It is strange and my husband finds it very annoying that in this day and age that these prejudices still exist.

Anyway I have never written about this before, and again I have to thank you on the above-mentioned story as it has given me a little hope that before I head to my grave I may one day visit my village again.

Take care and God bless you. You will forgive me if I don't sign my name to this.

Yours etc.,