DERRY CITY: Rory Patterson concerned about Derry City future

Derry City striker, Rory Patterson wants assurances over his future at the club.
Derry City striker, Rory Patterson wants assurances over his future at the club.

RORY PATTERSON insists he’s ‘massively concerned’ about his future at Derry City and is seeking immediate assurances from the club’s hierarchy.

The Brandywell club’s leading goalscorer last season claims he’s currently ‘in limbo’ with doubts cast over whether or not he will be part of Derry boss Peter Hutton’s plans for next year.

Patterson is contracted to City until the end of the 2015 season, however, after being told the club must tighten its purse strings for the campaign ahead, the Strabane man, who has netted 61 goals in 92 appearances for the ‘Candy Stripes’, feels he could be cut loose from the club’s wage bill.

Dismayed at Derry City’s lack of urgency in resolving his personal concerns, Patterson fears he could become surplus to requirements next season.

The recent signing of striker, Cillian Morrison from Cork City has, he claims, created further uncertainty over his role at the club.

And with former skipper, Barry Molloy turning down significantly reduced terms to re-sign this week, Patterson is beginning to grow increasingly anxious about his personal situation.

“Nothing has been cleared up,” he revealed.

“There are rumours going about that the club have to get rid of people to help with finances. I was told I would get a phone call a couple of weeks ago to clear it up but I haven’t had it yet.

“Obviously it’s a massive concern for me because I want to know where I’m going to be playing next year if I’m not wanted at Derry,” he added.

“I’m a big boy, I’m not going to cry about it. If the club needs to clear its finances the way it has been put to me, then obviously I’m not going to be there.

“It’s out of my hands in terms of what kind of squad ‘Pizza’ is trying to assemble.

“The last conversation I had with him he told me that they were going to have a meeting about the budget and there might be money available but I haven’t heard anything since.”

Not even the security of his two year contract signed under the stewardship of Roddy Collins prior to the 2014 season has convinced Patterson that he will remain on Foyleside.

“Contracts mean nothing in this day and age,” he said. “If the club don’t want you there and the club need you out, they can get rid of you.

“The last time I spoke to Peter Hutton it was about finances. With no Europe next year and having finished where we finished there was no money available for next year and there would be players being made available (to other clubs). I could be one of them I don’t know.

“I was told this the week after the cup final and I haven’t had anything cleared up about what my role will be next year, if there is a role for me.

“I’m not saying I’m leaving or that I want to leave. But I was told on November 8th last that I would be getting told within the next week and it’s now the 29th and I’m still waiting. I don’t know what’s going on.

“I know what way it will be portrayed but obviously everyone would want it cleared up.

“I haven’t heard back and haven’t been told I was going to be let go or if I was going to stay.

“He’s signed another striker so that’s four strikers in and if I’m involved in that I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him yet”.

Speculation Mounting

Currently in England, the League of Ireland’s top marksman in 2013, is aware of rumours linking him to his former club, Linfield and even League of Ireland champions Dundalk and runners-up Cork City.

And he rubbished speculation suggesting he was even contemplating moving to Australia.

“I hear rumours all the time about my future. I could be on a five year contract and will still hear rumours about me going somewhere.

“Obviously ‘Pizza’s the manager and he’s got his plans but I’m kind of in limbo at the minute. If I’m still under contract I would think that, with the experience I have and everything I’ve done over the last couple of seasons, it would be cleared up quicker than what it has been.”