‘Football for All’ event next week

Foyle Cup organiser, Michael Hutton, will speak at next week's event.
Foyle Cup organiser, Michael Hutton, will speak at next week's event.

With the support of EU PEACE III, the Irish FA’s ‘Football for All’ project will hold a free fun event for young people prior to the Foyle Cup. It’s in Templemore Complex next Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm.

The event will focus on tackling sectarianism in football, with guest speakers including Foyle Cup organiser Michael Hutton, ex-Northern Ireland international Jobby Crossan and players from the Northern Ireland Homeless World Cup team 2013.

‘Football for All’ is a project that aims to challenge perspectives in football here. The event will provide an intriguing insight into challenging sectarianism in football with a fun and imaginative twist. Young football fans will have the opportunity to hear amazing stories from football heroes young and old and will engage in interactive sessions exploring the issue of sectarianism in football. IFA referee Stephen Wallace will share some experiences from on the pitch and young fans will have a chance to try out their refereeing skills. Lunch will be provided and the event will be followed by a full-blown football blitz.

Christopher Barnaby and Rebekah Henry from the ‘Football for All’ Youth Forum said; “We hope young fans will come to this event because it will be a fun-filled football day, promoting anti-sectarianism and Football for All. If you love football this is the place to be.”

Football for All Development Officer Sarah Keys said, “The Young Fans Seminar has been driven by the young people from the Youth Forum. They have had some great ideas during the planning stages of the event and we are certain they will deliver a great event challenging young people’s perceptions.”

IFA Head of Community Relations Michael Boyd added, “The Young Fans’ Seminar and the work of our Youth Forum is helping the IFA to give young people a meaningful voice in addressing the big issues facing football here. This inter-generational work is very important as we look to the future and continue to build trust and a sense of belonging surrounding football here in Northern Ireland.”

There are limited places for this event, so contact Sarah Keys for more details on how to register by email: skeys@irishfa.com The target audience will be young people interested in football aged between 15-17 years old.