Dean wins Individuals title

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Dean Gallagher became the second youngest player to win the prestigious Mailey’s Individual title last week.

The 18 year-old defeated Anthony Whoriskey 7-6 in a thrilling final to take the title.

Martin McCloskey, however, remains the youngest ever winner of the trophy as he claimed the honours in 1981 as a 17 year-old.

Defeated semi-finalists in this year’s competition were 2012 winner, Paddy Boyce and up and coming talent, Eamon Cassidy.

Maximums were recorded by Anthony Whoriskey, Sean Brown, Paddy McLaughlin and Dean Gallagher.

The Darts Committee would like to thank Mickey Doherty of Mailey’s Bar for the continued sponsorship.

Also thanks to Frank for the facilities provided and all the callers and markers, in particular, James Clancy.

Oak Grove B remain on top

Results from week 27 in the Quigley, Grant & Kyle Solicitors Darts League were as follows - Abercorn 7, Rocking Chair A 12: Paddy Brown 100,180,124; Ryan Doherty 123,140,64; John Toland 100x2,140x2,20 dart leg; (Abercorn) Peter Carr 100x3,121x2, 131, 180,19 darts; Kevin McCafferty 100x2,134, 180; Sean Dunleavy 100x2,140; Eamonn Rodgers 100x3,123; Declan Rigby 100,125,62 checkout (Rocking Chair A); Oak Grove A 12, Celtic 4: Dean Gallagher 140x2,100x2. J P McEllhinney 100,126; Ciaran McNally 100,125,140,21 darts,74 finish (Oak Grove A); Noel O’Donnell 100x2,125x2,140x2,96 finish,15 darts; Phillip Dunne 3x100,125x2,168; Andrew Barnes 3x100,121 (Celtic); Rocking Chair B 7, Telstar 10: Gavin Rafferty 100,101,132; John Rafferty 121, 180 (Rocking Chair B); Paul Houston 125,139, Sean Wrench 100,125, Willy Fisher 100,121, Tom McBrearty 2x100 (Telstar); George’s 9, Campbell’s 11: Charlie McLaughlin 100,115,121; Robert Shields 100,84 finish; Paddy McLaughlin 2x100,140 (George’s); Ricky McGahey 100x4,180; Paul Boyd 120, 180; Anthony Faulkner 3x100; Ronald McColgan 4x100 (Campbell’s). Iona House 12, Bowery 4: Ricky McGahey 100x2,140,19 darts; Robby Boyd 100x3,140; Mark Quigley 100,106,125,80 finish; Raymond McPhillips 100,140,21 darts, 98 finish; (Iona House); Billy Collett 3x100; Martin Healy 100x2, 139, 140. Robert Donnelly 100,180 (Bowery).; Bennigan’s 13, Sully’s 4; Gerry O’Neill 100x2, 140; Richard Lyttle 100x2,125; Tony Breslin 113; Liam Cassidy 140 (Bennigan’s); Colleen Temple 100x2; Christine Johnstone (Sully’s); W.G’s 2, Dungloe 12: David Ogilvie 2x100; Mary Magill 100,120, Adam Mitchell 153; Kevin Brown 120; (W.Gs) Robert Murray 100x4,140,2x20 dart legs; Brian Murray 100x2,120,140,20; Barry Callaghan 100,140 (Dungloe); O’Sullivan’s 4, Oak Grove B 13: Terry O’Neill 100,120,140; Terry Nicholas 3x100; Noel Quigley 117 checkout; (O’Sullivan’s) Donal Kelly 100,125,101 finish; Bobby McLaughlin 100x3,102,140,90; Sean Brown 100,125,140 (Oak Grove B).