Derry Clipper second in round the world race

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Derry’s entry in the Clipper round the world race is currently lying in second place in the ninth race of the series.

Derry-Londonderry, skipper Mark Light says his boat and crew are making some progress on the leader as the crews race from Japan to the west coast of the US.

“A good day under heavyweight spinnaker yesterday, making some really good boat speeds. After holding our spinnaker all day and well into the night we managed to make up some miles on leader Gold Coast Australia then as the wind veered from west to north as forecast, so we changed back to Yankee 1 and staysail to keep course and boat speed.”

Considering the team’s progress so far, Mark adds, “All the new crew who joined our boat in Qingdao have done really well and played a large part in making these early sail evolutions go very smoothly. It is great to see the team integrating so well together at this early stage in the race and this may bode well for the next four and a half weeks.

“We are fast approaching the south west tip of Japan, a decent milestone in this race, and will look to pick up the famous Kuroshio (Black Snake) Current which will help to push us on into the Pacific Ocean.”

Positions at 1200 UTC, Wednesday 7 March 2012

Boat DTF*

1 Singapore 5,040nm

2 Derry-Londonderry 5,048nm (+8nm DTL**)

3 Visit Finland 5,050nm (+10nm)

4 Qingdao 5,050nm (+10nm)

5 Geraldton Western Australia 5054nm (+14nm)

6 De Lage Landen 5,055nm (+15nm)

7 Welcome to Yorkshire 5,057nm (+17nm)

8 New York 5,057nm (+17nm)

9 Gold Coast Australia 5,082nm (+42nm) Stealth Mode: position at 0600 UTC

10 Edinburgh Inspiring Capital 5,083nm (+42nm)

*DTF = Distance to Finish, **DTL = Distance to Leader