‘King Kane’ happy living in the shadows of Frampton

Eamonn O'Kane who is boxing on the undercard of 'This is Belfast' show on April 4th at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast.
Eamonn O'Kane who is boxing on the undercard of 'This is Belfast' show on April 4th at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast.

EAMONN O’Kane is hoping world title contender, Carl Frampton can continue to offer him the international platform needed to launch his own assault on the middleweight boxing division.

‘The Jackal’ began his early ring education on the undercard of O’Kane’s good friend, Paul McCloskey’s sell-out shows in both the Ulster Hall and Odyssey Arena in recent years.

Now one of the hottest prospects in world boxing, Frampton has overshadowed McCloskey and is on the verge of a world title shot - and O’Kane wants to continue to be part of that success.

Drawing parallels with Frampton’s rise to prominence on those high profile boxing shows, the Banagher middleweight - who turned 33 years-old on Tuesday last - is hoping that if he impresses on the stellar undercard of Cyclone Promotions’ ‘This is Belfast’ show on April 4th next, he will be on his road to European and then world title opportunities.

“To be fighting for European and eventually world titles - that’s what my dream is,” said the current IBF Inter-Continental champion. “To find out how good Eamonn O’Kane is, I’ve got to be boxing for these titles.

“I want to find out how good I can be and how high I can reach,” he added. “So now is the time to find that out.

“When you look at Carl’s career - Carl came in off the back of Paul McCloskey with Matchroom Sport and hopefully I can do that with Carl as well.

“I’ve had a couple of fights on Carl’s undercards and hopefully people like my style as well and come out and support me on this bill as well.

“I’m very lucky to have such great support. I’ve only had 12 professional fights but my amateur career has helped me. I’ve always had the pedigree and I’ve definitely jumped a few steps, but it was just a matter of getting the endurance work in.

“I’ve been boxing at a very high level for a very long time, both amateur and professional and as I work on my conditioning and endurance over these 10 and 12 round fights it’s going to set me up nicely for when it comes to the bigger, title fights.”

Frampton takes on two-time world champion, Hugo Cazares in the WBC super-bantamweight title final eliminator in the sold-out show at the Odyssey Arena.

And although it’s just two weeks until fight night, O’Kane is still no wiser as to who he will be fighting.

However, the powerful punching Banagher man has completed over 100 rounds of sparring against a wide variety of fighters at different weights and stances from exciting amateur heavyweight, Tommy McCarthy to light-welterweight Paddy Gallagher - and he’s prepared for anyone.

“I know they were looking at a Mexican opponent who had fought for a world title of some sort before,” said O’Kane. “I’m not sure of any names because there’s been that many named.

“I don’t care who I fight as long as they come to fight. As long as he’s not a spoiler. I think that’s what people want to see. “I genuinely don’t mind not having an opponent sorted at this stage. I’m sparring boys that are lighter and heavier than me. I’m sparring all different styles.

“I’ve been in with a wide range of sparring partners with different styles and weights so hopefully I’m ready for whatever kind of style my opponent has.

“Yes it would be good to hone in on fighting a particular style of opponent but if you can be versatile and adapt to different styles you can pull out different tactics on the night.

“Whoever my opponent is going to be, he’s got to prepare the same way as me. So I’m not worried about that.”