Decky Hedrock reaches bold new heights for 2013

THE MAN WITH A PLAN... Decky Hedrock has bold plans to release a track, EP or collaboration every month of 2013 thorugh his solo project, Sirkus Sirkuz. (220213JC3)

THE MAN WITH A PLAN... Decky Hedrock has bold plans to release a track, EP or collaboration every month of 2013 thorugh his solo project, Sirkus Sirkuz. (220213JC3)

Sirkus Sirkuz, the new solo project from The Japanese Popstars’ Decky Hedrock has already been making waves internationally. Now, the local musician and producer, who has remixed artists like Beyonce, Depeche Mode, Kylie and Gorillaz, has set himself an ambitious target - to release something for every month of 2013! ‘Journal’ reporter JULIEANN CAMPBELL finds out more...

“I have been busy in the studio writing new music and racked up a list of releases coming out on different record labels,” Decky reveals. “My plan is to try to release consistently, at least one original track, EP, remix or collaboration, each month for the whole year as Sirkus Sirkuz. It seems a bit of a task, but I like to try to set myself a challenge! Fingers crossed I can do it!”

Alongside his fellow Japanese Popstars Gary Curran and Gareth Donaghue, Decky has performed all over the globe in recent years, eventually signing a contract with Virgin for their second album. Now Decky’s solo project, Sirkus Sirkuz, promises to be equally as impressive.

With grand plans for every month of the year ahead, Decky’s Sirkus Sirkuz released its second EP with German label GND Records on February 1.

“It’s part of my collaboration EP series with techno act Shadow Dancer, who I teamed up to put out the ‘Build/Use’ EP in November 2012. This time we have got remixes of the original two tracks from that first EP coming from the hottest upcoming names in the scene - Gunrose, Turbo Turbo, Hoshina Anniversary and The Sneekers.” Support on these EPs come from Fake Blood, Etiene De Crecy, Steve Aoki, Modek and loads more.

“I’ve also remixed a new track for Italian duo, the 4 Quarters Boys, called ‘Future’ and it came out on Italy’s Crux Records on February 18,”

Next month is looking promising too. “On March 18, I release a track called ‘Break The Silence’ which I previewed to a few radio people early last year and it gained much love and support from Eddy Temple Morris on his XFM radio show. He actually claimed it to be one of his ‘Tracks of the Year’ and now it finally gets released on Hottwerk Records.”

For this particular track, Decky has called in the considerable talents of lead vocalist Deci Gallen from Belfast’s finest, The Jane Bradfords.

“He has an amazing voice and this is a very exciting record, as it’s been getting great radio play, including some of the BBC Radio DJs too.”

Next up will see the release of a track called ‘The Tempest’, as he reveals: “In April, I have lined up a collaboration with an electronic producer who has decided to remain anonymous on this and give himself a new identity called ‘March Against’, for a track that will be releases with San Francisco based 9G Records. The track’s called ‘The Tempest’ and also features the vocals of rock lady Wyldling.

“I’m really looking forward to releasing this one, as it’s a little bit different from my normal style. It’s like going back to my electronic musical roots, and also Wyldling recently picked up Sunset Island International Music Awards, Best Female 2013 gong – so this will be interesting!”

And so Sirkus Sirkuz Vs March Against featuring Wyldling - ‘The Tempest’ - comes out on April 22 on 9G Records.

“In May I will be releasing the ‘Trouble Bug’ EP on Crux records, and then, in June, I’ll put out the ‘Bounce It EP’ with 9G Records too,” he adds.

“Its been great to see this new project grow so fast. The amount of support I’ve got over the last six months has been phenomenal. I think the biggest compliment is that music that I write in my little studio here in Derry is liked and listened to by people around the world and also that well known DJs like Etienne De Crecy, Steve Aoki, Digitalism, Fake Blood find the time to play it in their sets!”

So it certainly looks as though Decky Hedrock’s Sirkus Sirkuz will be keeping him busy this year. We’ll keep you updated on his releases for the second half of 2013 - watch this space!




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