Happy Paddy finally gets to meet John Prine

Local musician Paddy Nash met one of his musical influences at the weekend. (2602CD01)

Local musician Paddy Nash met one of his musical influences at the weekend. (2602CD01)

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Heading up the ever-popular local band, Paddy Nash and the Happy Enchiladas, singer-songwriter Paddy Nash met one of his “musical influences” on Friday when John Prine played the Millennium Forum.

And it was made all the more special when he got the chance to tell John that the band were named after a mondegreen where a line from Prine’s song ‘That’s The Way That The World Goes Round’ is misheard. Instead of hearing ‘Half an inch of water’, one Prine fan thought he was singing ‘Happy Enchilada’ - it’s a story that Prine oftens re-tells and had stuck with Paddy.

“I have been listening to John Prine since I was 19 and my father never liked much of the music I played, but he did like Prine. And when I wrote ‘Cushialitee’, a song about my father, I wrote it in the same way Prine does, around a story.

“So I guess it was natural that I would choose a band name influenced by Prine.”

Paddy continued, “The band do perform ‘That’s The Way That The World Goes Round’ live but we have never recorded it for an album, but when Prine heard this he said, ‘Go on ahead!’

“He was lovely to chat too and I was delighted to finally meet him. There’s only one of my influences left to meet and that’s Springsteen, so if I ever get to meet ‘The Boss’ I’ll die a happy man!”

Paddy is planning a solo live acoustic album, based around three nights in Bennigans recorded live, with the best selected for the album. It’s sure to be an intimate series of gigs and details will be released soon.

The band are also releasing their third studio album to coincide with the City of Culture year, so there’s plenty going on for the band in the months ahead!

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