Council denies funding shortfall

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Derry City Council (DCC)have robustly denied claims they have failed to meet their financial obligations to the City of Culture budget to the tune of £10 million.

A statement to Radio Foyle yesterday claimed that DCC had pledged in excess of £14m to the Culture budget in 2013 and had delivered just over £4m.

However yesterday a spokesperson said DCC had “honoured and exceeded” its financial commitment to 2013 and anticipated running at an undisclosed deficit for the year.

The spokesperson explained: “The original bid references a commitment of £11m across four financial years (2010-2014) which refers to existing expenditure in cultural, festivals, events, museum and sport budgets. As detailed in the bid, Derry City Council pledged an additional commitment of £3.8m for 2011-2013.” When contacted, Culture Company declined to comment on the original claims.